Frederick Schulze


Originally from Texas, USA, I came to Belgrade originally to complete the research for my doctoral thesis in sociology and social anthropology. What was supposed to be a single year of fieldwork became a three-year love affair with my favorite city in the world. I am still researching my PhD, but I enjoy the work I do at Tom and Ema and feel fortunate to have gotten to know so many amazing students.

I have taught everything from kindergarten to university classes, but as a native speaker, I only began to teach English after moving to Europe about six years ago. My favorite thing about teaching English in Serbia is the chance to cover a truly broad range of topics and challenge my students to think about social issues and current events in a variety of ways. Every class I have at Tom and Ema proves rewarding and full of surprises. Eight or thirty-eight years old, it makes no difference. I love helping my students find their voices in my language!